Colour Theory & Design Resources

A recent UXDiscuss event looking at the use of colour to enhance the users experience had me digging back through various resources I’ve gathered over time in relation to colour theory and UI design.

A Design Critique Colour Swatches

This post is designed as a future reference and a way to collect these resources together.

An International Guide to the Use of Colour in Marketing & Advertising

Can text in different colors help you tackle the most difficult books?

Canva ‘Colors Design Wiki’—information about colors and their meanings

Color Theory Course

Everything About Color Contrast And Why You Should Rethink It

Handprint—Light and the eye

Handprint—Color harmony & color design

In regard to these ^ two—Basically everything listed here - - is fairly useful ツ

How to Use Color in Design to Guide Your User

How To Use Color To Prove Your Point, From A Data Viz Expert

Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts

The key to color harmony: Avoiding boredom and chaos

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

The Semantics Of Color, Visualized

This 1939 Chart Explains How Color Affects Legibility

Web design color theory: how to create the right emotions with color in web design

Web UI Design for the Human Eye

We’re Only Just Beginning To Understand How Color Impacts Users

What your users really think about your choice of colors

Why Red Means Red in Almost Every Language

Hopefully these resource will prove useful when looking to learn about colour theory and the use of colour to enhance UX.