On Receiving Design Critique

Evaluate (a theory or practice) in a detailed and analytical way.

A Design Critique Critique ≠ A Personal Criticism

Receiving feedback, receiving it well and being able to act upon this feedback is a difficult skill to master.

No-one likes to be told “That’s wrong” or “I don’t think this works” and getting this type of response to a piece of design work you have done, at any stage of your career, can be a knock to a persons confidence.

The key point I keep in mind myself, and advise people I’ve worked with, is to not take this design critique personally. You are not your designs. Hold your ideas lightly, take on this feedback, both good and bad, and use it as a way to move your design forward.

That single comment on one of your ‘failed’ designs might be the spark, the inspiration, that leads you to the right solution.